4th Environmental Sanitation Workshop.

SAMROSE COMPLEX ACADEMY was our next stop to educate the pupils on the importance of environmental sanitation as part of our environmental sanitation series to reduce the risk of flooding and sanitation related diseases.

As mentioned in all the previous reports, we highlighted on basic sanitation practices and things that our young generation can do to keep their environment clean. Daystar Babanao, project member, did an incredible job educating the children on environmental health and sanitation.

Daystar first explained the meaning of environment and sanitation to the pupils. She then went on to talk about the reason behind the workshop (ie, environmental sanitation), stating that unhygienic conditions cause diseases, diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, malaria and worm infections, which are mostly acquired by children. She explained further that these diseases can be prevented when our environment is kept clean.

Emmanuel Marfo also touched on littering, stating that littering causes gutters to be choked leading to floods, and that one should always dispose of waste properly. He also said that one should keep waste such as rubbers and plastics till one sees a waste bin and that littered environments destroy other organisms that are useful and important to us.

Daystar Babanao leading the education at SAMROSE COMPLEX.