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Gaborone, Botswana

Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) Botswana is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability, climate resilience, and youth empowerment in Botswana. By fostering innovative and impactful initiatives, we aim to build a sustainable future where young people lead the way in environmental conservation and climate action.

The Climate Change Situation in Botswana

Botswana faces significant challenges due to climate change, including increased temperatures, prolonged droughts, and unpredictable rainfall patterns. These changes have severe impacts on agriculture, water resources, and overall livelihoods. In response, there is a pressing need for sustainable solutions and community-driven initiatives to build resilience and adapt to these climate challenges.

At GAYO Botswana, we are committed to addressing these issues through various programs and projects that empower youth and communities to take action against climate change and promote environmental sustainability.

Ongoing Projects

Zero Waste Campaign

Reducing waste and promoting sustainable waste management practices in local communities. We have partnered with the Kgatleng District Council to host knowledge and initiatives sharing workshops, aiming to educate and engage community members on proper waste management and recycling and upcycling initiatives.

Workshops and Training

We conduct workshops and training sessions to empower community members with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt sustainable practices. These sessions cover topics such as waste management, sustainable agriculture, and eco-friendly business ventures.

Eco-Club Chapters

We have established an Eco-Club at the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) to promote ecopreneurship, sustainable agriculture, and student participation in the green economy. This initiative connects students to a global network of environmental advocates and provides them with opportunities to lead and implement sustainable projects.

Upcoming Projects

YouSustain Conference

We are excited to host the YouSustain Conference in November 2024, which will bring together stakeholders, experts, and youth to discuss sustainable development and climate action under the theme “Sustaining Sub-Saharan African Cities through Youth Capacity Building and Opportunity Access”.

Youth Climate Council (YCC)

GAYO Botswana will be the host organization for the YCC in Botswana and we are planning to host the YCC to empower youth to take active roles in climate action and policy advocacy. The YCC will be launched officially during the YouSustain Conference in November 2024.