HIT by the complete change in color of the Pra River along the way to Cape Coast from Kumasi, we decided to take a stroll into the communities to see how galamsey is affecting education. At the district assembly, we were stroked by an awful photograph on the notice with inscription: Our class rooms are empty because of galamsey.

The inspiration behind our latest exciting project: the Sustainable Community Project is that First of all, waste of all kind is engulfing Ghana and the world at large which demands prompt attention from individuals and organisations alike and Secondly, there are so many children that stay home or get involved in many forms of work that could be considered child labour at times while their mates are actively engaged in the class room, simply because, the former lack certain basic educational supplies..

The Sustainable Community Project involves teaching children and families to be sensitive in generating waste and to take responsibility for it. We are interested in making sure “No Waste is wasted” by getting use for all kinds of waste generated and collected in the New Edubiase community. This project identifies and works with children outside school and potential school dropouts by re-enrolling them in schools and empowering them with sustainable behaviour which instils in the kids a sense of responsibility for their environment and at the same time making them feel they could play a vital role in society.

The methodology is designed in a way that children are inspired and challenged to change their behaviour and take action on waste in the environment.  Ghana plastic pollution especially is reaching critical proportions, awareness of the issue remains low, and education is limited or not put into practice. Kids are taught “don’t litter” at school, but don’t appear to make any link between this expression and their everyday practice.

Some stake holders and wealthy families seem to take pleasure in demonstrating their luxury by consuming one-time use plastic packaging products. The real life threats of plastic outflow are hardly ever explored and there are no as much as necessary positive role models or clear paths to steer behavioral change in society. Education is so important to produce all-time sustainable habits, but just like the trash heroes, we’re also all critical about the practical aspect, providing incentives, and teaching kids that being an instrument of zero waste is a lot of excitement!.