Ghana Think’s ‘Bar Camp Cape Coast’.


The Ghana Think Foundation’s usual Bar Camp program just recorded its 33rd event as Bar Camp Cape Coast 2014 happened today at the University Of Cape Coast.

The event started with a breakfast after which members had a moment to connect, we call it. Participants socialized, exchanged contacts and started connecting with people who share similar vision and dreams of theirs.

I must not be in a haste to say but the official Bar Camp Cape Coast hashtag #bccapecoast was the 1st trending hashtag in Ghana today. Aside the hundred plus participant at the event auditorium, there were other greater barcampers tweeting and viewing the event live on social media.

There was a speed mentoring session where each participant had about five minutes with a mentor. Mentors present at the event covered fields like; environmental safety, public health,media advocacy, business development, marketing, fashion and organizational development.

From this session, all mentors gathered as a panel and answered questions about topics that were submitted by the participants for discussion. Topics covered; Branding, Recovering from sexual scandal, Using the internet wisely, Getting aid from the diaspora, health, environmental safety and volunteerism. After several colloquium over these topics, many participants learnt the real need of branding. How and where to brand yourself as well as, how to write a good CV.

Ulzen Ato (@Abocco), executive director of the Ghana Think Foundation, explained the name Bar Camp and introduced Kofi Yeboah and other executives to talk about Junior Camp Ghana and the National Volunteer Day #NVDay .

Participants went on break after all  busy, connecting and learning moments for lunch. After lunch, there was a breakout session, where Alugnoa Desmond, Alhassan Muniru, and other participants who submitted topics, led  the breakout sessions.

Outcomes of the breakout sessions were read.

At the end we realized that there are about four volunteering activities that’s gonna happen in Cape Coast on this years National Volunteer Day which falls within the 20th to 22nd Sept.

We also talked about our beach clean up volunteer activity which will happen at the Cape Coast Beach, opposite the old site gate, we will also integrate a small public education to stop open defecation.

The event ended nicely with members singing the National Anthem, taking pictures and connecting more with mentors.

We are very proud to be part of this event and we hope to join Junior Camp and other similar initiatives nationwide and globally, God bless African Youth.


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