Volunteer’s Day Beach Clean Up

Volunteer’s Day Beach Clean Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beach Clean Up is a project developed to help clean all beaches within Cape Coast and other neighbouring towns to help conserve our coastal resources and decrease health risk at coastal communities.
As a youth led and youth oriented organization we seek to bring up methods of indulging youth/adolescents in environmental stewardship activities whiles having fun- which most youth wants to.

Taking a long walk on the beach, picking up abandoned objects & cleaning the areas polluted with plastics and other foreign materials is a great way of reducing death risk of inter tidal organisms. These aquatic species highly contributes to the yield of fish stock in the offshore waters. Cape Coast depends on fish as a primary source of protein and therefore, there is a need to keep the habitat of these species safe.

The event, which will also serve as a health walk will give many idle/busy youth the chance to enjoy nature and exercise to improve on their physiological strength. The youth, as gladly regarded as future leaders, are responsible for the safety of incoming generations. The youth must therefore know and understand the importance of conservation and accept stewardship of safety environment in their communities.

A public education will also be given to inhabitants of the coastal areas and all participants of the event. Education is a key in overcoming all challenges, because knowledge is power. We believe that educating the indigenous people about the impacts of improper waste disposal, open defecation, etc at the shore/beaches will help them restrain from it.

What to expect:
• Over 100 participants
• Exhibiting products of partnering groups or organization
• Beach Soccer
• Tag of war
• Environmental communication skill

The Beach Clean Up, which is scheduled for the 20TH Sept, as part of the national volunteers’ day celebration as well as the founder’s day acknowledgement, could just be addressed as a volunteering event. However, in order to integrate the pleasure of the youth in such volunteer activities, the free event is going to incur some cost to help make the event a fun not just a tiring day.
In view of this, GAYO is currently looking to Partner with organizations, businesses, regional offices, social agencies, and environmental advocates. We therefore appeal to the municipal office for technical assistance (Working gear & Zoomlion service) during this volunteer activity.
The event will also be much successful if your directorate could provide us with refreshment for youth volunteers during the event.

The event will commence at 7a.m with a health walk from the University of Cape Coast Science complex to the old site. The beach cleaning will be done between the shoreline opposite the Municipal Hospital extending to beach opposite the University of Cape Coast old site entrance.

We hope to see you.

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