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The Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) – Kenya is set to create a youth interaction space with a focus to bridge the gap on climatic and environmental issues in relation to youth engagement. We endeavour to be an environmentally and climate encompassing reference group with regards to the various growing concerns surrounding policies & dialogue, circular economy, biodiversity loss, capacity building and youth engagement.

The Climate Change Situation in Kenya

Kenya has been on the receiving end of adverse climate crisis including extreme weather patterns with floods and droughts based on unreliable and below average rain patterns. This volatility in weather has severely impacted agriculture, which is the backbone of the country’s economy, leading to food insecurity and heightened poverty levels. Additionally, water sources are becoming increasingly scarce, exacerbating conflicts over resources and straining both rural and urban communities. Wildlife, an integral part of Kenya’s tourism sector, is also under threat as habitats shrink and food becomes scarce. The country’s infrastructure struggles to cope with these changes, leading to increased displacement and migration of people seeking more stable living conditions. The situation calls for urgent and robust measures to mitigate climate impacts and build resilience among Kenya’s most vulnerable populations.

At GAYO, we are committed to addressing these issues through various programs and projects that empower youth and communities to take action against climate change and promote environmental sustainability.

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