Green Africa Youth Organization is proud to announce the launch of the Global Youth Call to Action on Adaptation. Throughout 2020, we have been supporting the establishment of the Youth Adaptation Network at the Global Center on Adaptation through consultations with young people from around the world.

Ahead of the Climate Adaptation Summit, our Executive Director, Joshua Amponsem handed over the Global Youth Call to Action on Adaptation which contains a set of key recommendations for adaptation action from young people across the world.

The Global Youth Call to Action was delivered to Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chair of Global Center on Adaptation, famous Dutch Footballer Arjen Robben, Minister Cora van Neiuvenhuizen from the Netherlands and H.R.H Princess Djigma from Burkina Faso, and Prof Dr Patrick Verkooijen the CEO of the Global Center on Adaptation. The full event can be accessed here.