Carrying capacity is the maximum number of people the Earth can hold without causing environmental degradation. I believe this was coined with the assumption that “ALL HUMANS ARE SUSTAINABILITY INCLINE” but the way most humans are handling the environment nowadays, we don’t need to reach the carrying capacity before environmental degradation occurs.

Many nations are concern with maintaining the balance between resource use, population and environment but it seems to me that is just word of mouth because actions remain the same in most places. We need to go beyond this and be pragmatic in our approaches which mean working to close the gap between armchair theory and practice.fbkk

I often say that Issues of environment and development are political hence our success in sustaining the environment depends on how the solution addresses questions of control, power, and self-determination in the social engagement with nature. “The planet is not a machine to be controlled by privileged super-mechanics but by those passionate about environmental housekeeping” so come out and put to test your idea or join force and build a momentum with others with similar minds to make the world a better place.fbk,