In 2015, we launched the Environmental Sanitation Series for children living in vulnerable areas prone to flooding and cholera outbreaks due to poor waste management practices such as dumping of refuse in drainage systems. The project was implemented in Amamoma and Apewosika communities in the Cape Coast Metropolis.

As children are the most helpless during flooding and disease outbreaks, GAYO organized a series of education and workshops for the children, spanning personal hygiene, proper waste handling and disposal, type of waste (hazardous and non-hazardous), and symptoms of cholera and diarrhea. The series climaxed with an essay and drawing competition in which we awarded the top three students with stationery, school uniforms, and souvenirs from Tunza.

Prior to the end of the series, parents/guardians testified to us that their children educate them at home on the effects of littering, and how it contributes to flooding in their community.

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Drawing Contest on Environmental Sanitation
3rd Environmental Sanitation Workshop
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